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We treat boilers and cooling towers, freeing clogged pipes and valves & reducing the cost of operation. We can show you the problems with your installation and how to resolve them.

If you have clogged heating or cooling systems, boilers or cooling towers or other closed loop systems, and if you wish to establish a water treatment program, we have a complete solution for you!

We carry an extensive line of quality chemicals and related products for cleaning, degreasing, waxing, polishing, stripping and lubricating etc..

Our Services- Boiler Treatment

Key Services We Offer

Cooling Treatment Missassauga
  • Many quality chemicals and related products for commercial housekeeping and maintenance
  • Water treatment testing and problem solving by our experienced water treatment specialists
  • Fixed cost service plans so that your costs are known and controlled
  • Nationwide sales and service network, giving continued service to your account
  • Highest quality water treatment chemical products
  • Free water analysis with confirmed orders
  • Free email support for our customers