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Canada Boiler Treatment Services

Company Profile & History

Boiler Treatment Services Canada, was developed in Toronto, Canada, in 1997 as a complete & productive service provider for water treatment chemicals, boilers, chillers / cooler equipment treatments. Boiler Treatment has since expanded to service most of Canada as well as many international companies.

Having over 10 years of experience with numerous professional teams has enabled us to offer reliable, environmentally friendly, cost effective and organic water treatment programs, which cover every aspect regarding the efficient operations of steam, hot water and cooling tower systems.

About Our Professional Team

Boiler Treatment Services Canada, consist of a number of professional staff which are fast, efficient, honest & contains 101% knowledge about boilers, coolers, choked line problems and their effective solutions ..

Our heating and cooling treatment systems use quality bio-degradable products combined with the expert problem solving by our water treatment specialists. All the trade secrets and information you will need to solve maintenance, housekeeping, heating, cooling, or circulation problems with boilers, closed loop systems, and chillers / cooling towers can be found at this site. You are invited to email us or call us with any special problems or questions!

Our Boiler Treatment Team has the expertise to help you reduce operating costs, increase efficiency and protect your valuable equipment. Our offerings include: