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Causes Of Heat Problem ..

In a boiler, energy in the form of heat is transferred from a fuel source to the water across a heat transfer surface. When subjected to temperature and pressure, the composition of the boiler water undergoes radical changes. Solubility levels are exceeded, the effects of dissolved gases are magnified, and the efficiency of the heat-transfer process can be affected. The structural and functional capabilities of equipment may become compromised. Improperly maintained steam boilers could even explode in a piping hot blast of super heated steam.

Scale buildup, corrosion and pitting in boiler systems lead to efficiency losses. These processes may possibly allow dangerous steam build up, stressing weakened vessels, pipe components and parts, which may lead to blockage, perhaps even leading to devastating equipment failure, complete with an explosion of super heated steam.

Equipment failure of this type may cause property damage and loss of life.

With proper equipment installed, and with a properly scheduled program of complete maintenance procedures including water treatment and mechanical inspection, a blast of this kind would not likely happen.

Scale, corrosion, and pitting in boiler systems lead to dangerous and expensive efficiency losses.

Heat Problem Solution ..

A well-balanced internal and external boiler water treatment program addresses all of the potential problems associated with boilers, including:

The control or removal of calcium and magnesium hardness through external (mechanical) pretreatment or internal (chemical) treatment.

he maintenance of proper levels of sludge conditioners to ensure that any present or precipitated suspended solids remain fluid so they can be properly blown down.

The maintenance of appropriate levels of alkalinity to ensure that proper chemical reactions are allowed to occur.

The control of dissolved oxygen through external pretreatment or through the use of a suitable oxygen scavenger.

During my years as a residential property manager I had a number of older apartment buildings - one of which faced total replacement of the boilers and the heating system pipes, valves and radiators due to flow restrictions. The building had been acquired from an owner who had never implemented water treatment and the water circulation was critically poor - with pipes almost totally clogged and tenants complaining of poor or no heat - frozen plumbing etc.. I heard about a "sister" building with very similar problems - that the BoilerTreatment.com Water Treatment Program had saved, so I called Abdullah. I was concerned that there would be pipe leakage and valve failures, but figured the risk was worth it since the alternative was the total system renovation. After treatment however, there were no leaks and many of the valves I thought were seized forever - were freed. System circulation was completely restored... after implementing the program, we saved many thousands of dollars in component replacement, and labor costs and the heating bill went way down... not to mention the quiet tenants...

W. A. Winn, D.D., - Residential Property Manager (retired)

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